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It may have been the Egyptian goddess Maat. She helped souls move from one life to another by checking to see that their soul weight was no more than that of a feather before they could move on. It has been linked to magic, divine spells, and charisma. The Chinese see it as being artistic with fabrics a goddess married a poor but noble youth in order to help him out of slavery, then spinning beautiful silk.

Bring heaven to earth. It is victim, savior, and perpetrator all at the same time. It is the point on the Lion where Hercules broke its back. It represents beliefs that are not of the establishment, where the establishment makes them powerless in either a direct or indirect fashion. Although it should not be seen as an evil star, there can be some potential for abuse. In John F. Mother Teresa had Zosma in her natal chart.

The history of the star: Adara

She helped victims of society. With this planet, you may need to speak up for yourself to avoid being abused. You may need to avoid abusing other people. It has been suggested that this star represents positive social reform for no personal gain. Some sort of sacrifice for the good of all may be called for.

It has been suggested that this star represents positive social reform where some form of personal gain is desired. This star may have a bit more of a shadow side than its companion Zueben Elgenubi. The Star Maps are relatively new to modern astrology although they have been studied and worshipped since the beginning of time. The stars seem to hold understanding of your larger purpose on planet earth, so please read this information with a view to the larger perspective of your life.

Questions: Mark F. Discernment reminder: Although the stars have been studied since the beginning of humankind, the research on their actual influence is sketchy at best. Look at the stars associated with the planets in your chart to see how their suggested meanings may have influenced the nature of that planet in your life. Whether you are exploring astrology, viewing advertisements on television, or listening to a person with credentials recognized by society, you must tune in to your balanced heart and mind to know your own Truth.

It is used in Navigation, so it is the great pathfinder of the south. It represents a place of stillness, often associated with the death of the world. It represents the need to explore before the end of time. Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive spiritual counselor since He began his interest in metaphysics while attending Kent State University near his birthplace in Canton, Ohio. He spent many years of travel in search of inner world understanding and success in the business world of industrial sales. Mark now serves an international clientele from his base in the Pacific Northwest.

Mark F. Or download the pdf at www. This report tells you about the stars and their meaning as they are related to your natal chart. This report does not show planetary lines. Please note that this item would benefit from at least a little knowledge of astrology 3 Star Aspects and Star Parans that show how stars activate your natal chart. This item requires astrological knowledge. There is an explanation sheet that goes with it, but you would need at least an intermediate knowledge of astrology to get much from it.

This is a mail order product that is in its secondary stages of development. It is a cutting edge product, but still in its infancy. It does not include personal consultation time with Mark Dodich. I think you will find it to be pretty interesting, but parts two and three are going to require some work on your part to gain understanding. The written report is comprehensive and easy for anyone to read. However, you should not expect this material to improve your love life or help you make a pile of money.

Stars help you go beyond our solar system. Because it is cutting edge, it can be rough around the edges, so please do not have undue expectations. The purpose of working with the stars is to expand your understanding of you and your soul service See web site for current prices. How to use the next two pages - a handout from our Egypt trip.

Plug your own natal chart planets into the chart and see what lines up with fixed stars. You can take any of the stars in this brochure and insert their sign and degree into your chart to see what is most significant for you. A few examples are already inserted on the next page.

The following two pages are the handout from the group trip to Egypt for Pluto entering Capricorn. For example, item Q from the previous pages is the star Pollux.

Canis Major - The Science Archives

Although this star is part of the constellation Gemini, its actual physical location is at 20 degrees of the sign Cancer. Consider any planets that are within three degrees of exact. In this case, any natal planet ranging from 23 degrees of Cancer in your natal chart would be conjunct aligned with Pollux. Combine the meaning of the planet with the meaning of the star.

The moon rules emotions, mother, food, etc. Pollux is about balancing the civilized side with the shadow side. With this combination, you would need to balance the nice side of your relationship with your mother with the shadow side of dealing with your mother—just joking! Dodich www. The name of the star is on the first line. The location degree of the star is in the second line.

The constel- lation is on the third line. Antares is located in the area of the sky associated with Sagittarius, but it is actually part of the con- stellation of Scorpio. The general are of the sky containing the constella- tions Orion and Big Dip- per part of Ursa Major are bracketed. Astrology by Mark F.

Dodich mark astromark. They are written in by hand on your natal chart. The meaning of the house the star falls in can be combined with the meaning of the star see handout on meanings. For example, Sirius in the Seventh House of committed relationships would combine to give you lessons in releasing relationships to spirit once they are complete. Sirius was associated with Isis, the job being to release the spirit from the physical body at the time of death. In the 12th house, you would return through spirituality, forgiveness and compassion practices.

Because the star Regulus is in this area, there is a brightness and success that can come from this work. If you have a natal planet aligned with any of these points, you must also com- bine the meaning of the planet, as well as the house and star meanings. It was too Sirius.

Why was the baby constellation sillier than the daddy constellation?

Because he was a little dippier. It is reported that Copernicus' parents said the following to him at the age of twelve: "Copernicus, young man, when are you going to come to terms with the fact that the world does not revolve around you. A limerick about Edmund Halley: From the public, his discovery brought cheers. From his wife, it drew nothing but torrents of tears.

Dyptych ‘Adhara’

Halley, "He used to come daily; Now he comes once every 70 years! Halley will next return in The Talmud suggested in the year 66 CE that its appearance made ships err. Comets normally get a ominous interpretation with leaders like Harold II dying under it— although that was lucky for William the Conqueror. Satirist Mark Twain was born at the perihelion closest approach, Nov.

Bauval and A. Gilbert is a good book on the subject. This is the energy of de- stroying duality and anything that separates you from Source. If you have any of these three signs in your chart, you have at least some first ray energy. Almost everyone born between August and August have transforming Pluto in Leo in their birth chart. The ladle of the Big Dipper is in the later degrees of Leo and the early degrees of Virgo. The sun is passing through this area of the sky from Aug.

Osiris Came to be known as the god of the dead By Aaron B. Clevenson, ALCor This is the thorough list from A to Z of constellation names and star names, and how to pronounce them. The ancient and the cutting edge are coming together like never before. Consultations for clients who have never had a natal reading are increasing every year which suggests that the need for professional astrologers and new services is expanding. One such blending of the ancient and the cutting edge in astrology can be found in the current renaissance of fixed stars research.

From the days of Ptolemy to the mid 20th century, the use of fixed stars in astrology was relegated for the most part to a musty closet accessible to only a limited number of dedicated and quirky practitio- ners. However, this is no longer the case as the work of astrologers such as Diana Rosenberg and Bernadette Brady once again makes the fixed stars useful and user-friendly to the astrological community — and, in a word, main- stream!

Computer programs such as Starlight and Stellarium even allow one to display and animate a nativity against the backdrop of astronomically accurate constellations. Solar Fire and Janus 4 also feature detailed sky maps superimposed over the Celestial Sphere. First Magnitude Stars quiz.

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Canis Major. The constellation is easily found by using the belt stars of Orion as a signpost. Following the line of these three down to the left leads to a brilliant white star. Behavioral Characteristics Ardra is said to stand for the behavior of a child, and hence the Ardra natives experience extremes of happiness and sorrow, or the in between stage in a matter of minutes.

Miscellaneous In the words of Varahamihira , the lunar influence gives Ardra wickedness, ingratitude, and vanity. Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person. Astrology Articles.

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