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July 1, An eclipse takes place when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in a unique pattern in the heavens and the Moon intersects with the karmic Nodes on the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun through the zodiac. Eclipses pinpoint events in the lives of key individuals intertwining their own individual journey with the path of destiny. They often play a prominent role in the lives of royalty as the Sun represents the King in astrology and the Moon the Queen.

Very often, they find themselves in the public eye and can develop a split persona as they act one way in public and another way in private. Being born close to an eclipse may lead to greatness, but it needs to be handled carefully otherwise you end up falling from grace. Be wary of hubris, when excessive pride and, in traditional terms, defiance of the Gods can lead to your downfall. The mantle of an eclipse is not one to be worn lightly. The first eclipse of falls in the star sign, Leo, linked to royalty. Incidentally, Meghan Markle b. So when are eclipses most significant for you and how can you work with them?

An eclipse has the most impact when it falls within 2 degrees of a planet or angle in your birth chart. Very often, an event close to the eclipse date sets the wheels of change in motion and the eclipse energy plays out over the next few weeks or months. This is also because eclipses take place in cycles that last for over two years.

What often happens is you get a run of eclipses triggering key points in your birth chart and your life shifts significantly within the two to three year period. When you look back on the past, you invariably see that major turning points in your life, moments of destiny if you like, coincide with important eclipse cycles.

You can probably see some patterns emerging if you look at the degrees of the eclipse. The eclipses on August 18 , February 11 , August 21 and February 15 are all within 6 degrees of the zodiac. The eclipses on August 7 and January 31 are within 4 degrees of the zodiac. This can be helpful to know where change and challenge are likely and where your life may propel forward at top speed.

The theme of karma is closely connected to the eclipses, as they work in unison with the astrological nodes, destiny points in the birth chart, so bear this in mind. Also, the day of the eclipse is rarely a good time to take radical action or make a big decision. This is particularly important during the Lunar Eclipse, which is a Full Moon when emotions are heightened.

Wait a few days for a calmer response. Read your Sun sign first, your Ascendant second:. Therefore, the eclipses are impacting my very foundations. Do let me know your eclipse story in the comments below.

This is part one of two articles helping you work with eclipses. Part two will be available a few days before the Solar Eclipse on February 15, Wow, this eclipse cycle was truly life changing for me. First, I was born july 29 These particular eclipses started touching my life in july of when i decided I was absolutely done being abused. I started pulling away from a narcissistic soon to be ex husband july 22 of 10 years, filed bk that December, left him that following may , quite more abruptly than I would have liked, spent June through the following January now in in intensive outpatient treatment for complex ptsd, was finally granted a criminal restraining order to keep the ex away in april , met another man January 16th and have been physically with him during every major astrological event so far this year 2 18 absolutely wild and amazing and deeply disturbing yet soulfully satisfying.

Hopefully it will continue to be primarily soulfully satisfying, wild and amazing, and not so much deeply disturbing. Wishing you well. I really felt the eclipse on January 31st, it was really emotional. I am curious how things will go on February 15th. So about my January eclipse experience…. Two years ago I started my conversion to a different religion to that of my birth.

The path is quiet long and difficult. The whole thing was going very slowly. By the end of this summer my conversion may be concluded and we will be able to marry. Now we need to officially get engaged and conclude my exams.

Kneel Diamond and the Enigma of Eclipse Cycles

Wow, sounds like a powerful eclipse cycle for you. Jupiter is linked to religion and so is the 9th house so this is where profound change is taking place. The Moon rules your inner needs but is also a symbol for the mother and the home in astrology. Sending best wishes. Hi, this solar eclipse was very nice. Afther 6 years, a few days before The Eclipse I finaly sold my apartment, very nice and very bad place at the same time. A very informative article. I am looking to find a suitable job as I was laid off in July Still not been able to find something that is right for me, despite having sent out a ton of resumes.

I am currently working at a job that I took to help pay the bills but not what is ideal for me. Will these series of eclipses bring about the right change for me? I have been very worried over these past two years and it is hard to stay positive. Opposites attract! Work together and support each other during this cycle of eclipses. I guess the turning point for you will come in May of this year. Use technology, keep up-to-date with all things modern, use your networks to find the right job for you. Good luck. Year was just a pain and lots of changes.

Expand your horizons wider than usual, keep up-to-date with latest technologies too as the eclipses are in your sign Aquarius. Think renewal, rebirth. Good luck! I was working with full energy and dedication on a project in my office.

Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2018

Morning had planning session and was well prepared for that. Beginning of session , first thing , I am told is I will be moving to another project. Never ever happened before. All about relationships for you, Leslie, but more importantly how you are able to shine in relationships. Ensure you get your own needs met either in a personal or professional context. I only have Leo in Uranus in my natal — 14 degrees. Rising Leo, Moon Sag.

Does the leo in uranus have an effect on this eclipse? What degree is your Leo Ascendant? If Uranus is close to it, i. Uranus is about change already, so think renewal, keep up-to-date with new technologies, keep looking ahead to your future. Focus on you and what you want and need rather than waiting too much for other people to make the decisions. Thank you so much for your reply.

As a matter of fact my Leo Asc is 24 deg 41 min. Brilliant though — really appreciate your comments. Thank you. Then the February 15 Solar Eclipse will be powerful for your relationships as it falls at 27 Aquarius No planets in either Leo or Aqua. Venus and Jupiter both favour a charm offensive among your network. Office romance anyone? The 5th and 6th put you favourably in the limelight. Things get more decisive and exciting with the season of Sagittarius, starting on the 23rd and quickly accelerating into a mixture of challenge and good fortune.

No harm in asking others for favours. The Taurus full Moon of the 12th shines light on your domestic arrangements, and here too, a radical rather than routine solution may present itself. The need for respite from the fray remains under emphasis, thanks to your traditional ruler, Saturn, staying behind the scenes. Contrary to some descriptions of your sign as that of fanciful dreamers, Pisceans are just as capable of practical, effective action as any other sign.

Just as well, since you are likely to face a few awkward questions in November; financial issues, promises you made in October that are called in. The Scorpio new Moon of October 28 nonetheless promises a fruitful month, with your outreach to foreign shores and distant friends enhanced. Those of you in education and charity work are likewise favoured. Show business is another option. Charm, and your Piscean ability to navigate choppy waters with canny ease, work wonders. Play to the gallery.

Romantics take note. New encounters may have an unorthodox quality, not least around the full Moon of November The almost full Moon of the 9th and 10th makes for a heady weekend; if you can turn rivalry into mutual attraction you could make a breakthrough. Mars moves on at the 19th, whether disputes especially over money can do the same is open to ongoing negotiation. Concurrent with the deep and meaningful stuff in Scorpio and Libra is the razzle dazzle of Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, signalling a gloriously outgoing phase that can take you through the midwinter celebrations to the entertainments of next year.

Sagittarius, a kindred fire sign, is about both geographical and philosophical exploration; outdoor treks, travel, fierce expositions on truth and beauty. Also strong in the mix, thanks to Venus, are romantic adventures and attractions that happen swiftly enough even for impatient Rams. Jupiter being the planet of plenty and too much , you may also get a pay-off as it completes its year- long transit of the Archer.

Birthdays from April 13 onwards are urged not to take good fortune for granted. The new Moon of November 26 is an omen of joy and adventure for all of you, though with Saturn still overhead, you still have to take care of business. Welcome to the mire of Mercury retrograde — opposite you until the 21st — more of which shortly. New alliances and friends come along to displace worn-out associations. Such is the backdrop for November, when the Sun opposes you from Scorpio until the 23rd along with that moody Mercury and, from 19th, Mars. All of which asks you to handle your one-on-ones with rare finesse.

Compromise — not always a Taurean virtue — is required, even if you feel undervalued. Merely digging in your heels only serves to drive others away.

New Moon February – Solar Eclipse – Astrology King

The retrograde Mercury until the 21st requires a detailed retrace of recent agreements, but nothing happens in a hurry. A whirlwind affair is on the cards with Mars in Scorpio, but if you insist on getting into disputes, expect to find yourself outgunned. Mars in Scorpio can be a wily bruiser. You can always opt for industriousness as a way out of personal jams. The heavyweight planets in Capricorn are about to get heavier, and approaches to the status quo of your profession are promised a cordial reception.

An international dimension may well be involved. In November the giant planet completes its year-long transit of Sagittarius, hopefully granting you a stroke of good fortune as it departs. More reliable is the opposition of Venus between November 2 and 26, an opportunity to make peace overtures to anyone with whom you are on the outs, and to marvel at the excellent company and meaningful looks you attract.

With Mars likewise in a romantic spot until the 19th , your love life looks a high burn thrill. If not, the cosmos is on your side to turn things around.

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The 14th and 15th look promising, as does the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of the 24th. The new Moon of November 26 is another spur to stay active. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is stuck in the mudflats of Scorpio, in your sixth house of work and good practice.

Scorpio February 2017 Astrology Lunar eclipse Leo Solar eclipse Pisces

Recent readjustments to your timetable are ongoing; use November to spruce up your infrastructure, tech and surroundings; you are looking for something Scandi- cool, case of clear of clutter, clear of mind. Anything arty ticks the right boxes. Or feeling just plain stuck? Your horoscope gives you good reason for both emotions. The new Moon your governor of October 28 promises a lively month when you can feel at ease with yourself and your social circle, the latter in a state of happy flux as new contacts breeze along. Scorpio being a fellow water sign, and planets there nodding to distant Neptune in the third water sign, Pisces, spells dynamism.

Scorpio birthday parties call for your attendance. There are, of course, catches. Personal affairs and private business initiatives look more fruitful than official business. Many Cancerians have the dread duo of Saturn and Pluto in opposition, meaning the status quo at work is indifferent to your fate or actively blocking your progress. This too shall pass; brings a fresh perspective on seemingly intractable issues.

Matters perk up once Mercury straightens out and Mars arrives in Scorpio to rock the party any party you can find will do. If you are in the dating game the stretch to new year puts you on the front foot, the hunter if you like. Existing partnerships are due a shake-up if they are to provide the nourishment you want. Take your pleasures seriously. To help move things along, Venus moves into opposition on November 26, and will be followed by Jupiter early in December.

Meanwhile there is a new moon in Sagittarius, also on November 26; a straightforward affair asking only that you work at maximum efficiency and look after your health, which given the strain of all that partying, may need cossetting. Delays and distractions are the order for the first three weeks of the month. Hey ho. Mars in Libra until the 19th remains obliging for whipping up support and for trade and mutual backscratching. Venus in the Centaur is the stuff of grand romance, folks on white chargers and chestnut mares. The last week of the month, when Venus and Jupiter meet and a new Moon arrives, looks joyous and should carry you clear through to Christmas. A planetary picture steeped in earth signs like your own promises a helpful mood. Carry on the good work from October, first of all where finances are concerned. Mars has a couple of weeks more in your zone of resources, and is agreeably aligned to Saturn, the master of material affairs, in fellow earth sign Capricorn; money and pleasure hand in hand.

Such themes are re-emphasised at the Taurus full Moon of the 26th, and with the arrival of Mars across your communications and travel axis at the 19th. Through to new year you have outreach, perhaps even internationally. Pursue with vigour Mercury retro allowing ; reticence is the enemy. Partnerships and heart strings are very much part of the mix.

Venus in earthy Capricorn from the 26th is handy for the social whirl and the flirtation that goes with it. Having Mars in your sign is like owning a sharp kitchen knife; beautiful to work with but not for the clumsy. You can take that metaphor on a physical level — coughs, sneezes, bumps, bruises, reckless tackles — and on the behavioural plane too. Practical work is one way to stay out of trouble — at least until Mars moves on at the 18th.