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Weekly Horoscopes from Look here now and mark your diary for as well – astrology is about timing. Pisces Weekly Horoscopes.

Great week for you ahead. It is time to celebrate.

Your Horoscope for the Week of October 27

Don't forget to gift something to your relatives and your colleagues this Diwali. Libra September October You need to put in a lot of hard work to get positive results which you will eventually but you need to be patient and keep the faith. Feed the needy on Diwali and this will help you destress. Scorpio October November New opportunities coming to you this week. The results will be fruitful.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 November, 12222

Stay focused and start using the new ideas that will help you get success. Light diyas on diwali to celebrate the day.

Sagittarius November December There may be some issues in the family especially with children that would keep you stressed. Treat beggars, kids this Diwali with good food and gifts. Capricorn December January You need to be patient this week because you may not get the kind of results you are expecting. Take some time out and relax. Aquarius January February Not a great week for you ahead. Take care of your health. Don't take up any new project. Stay away from firecrackers this Diwali.

But this night into about 9 am can make romance iffy, uncertain. But let others struggle, stay out of their spats or disagreements. Two more weeks of quietude, rest and contemplation. Your hopes about romance remain alive and vital, despite your tiredness, to Nov. Perhaps from someone from the past, a person who would restrict you. Tackle chores Sun.

Read instructions carefully, twice. An exciting meeting could occur Wed. Relationships, opportunities, fresh horizons, all these face you.

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Again, almost everything is good, works, esp. Possible great agreement. But this eve to about 9 am Thurs. The remainder of Thurs.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Life nudges you into deeper waters Fri. Big finances, sexual congress lust , medical needs and lifestyle changes — these go well Fri. To be safe, opt for deep money, not mere earnings or sale proceeds. Remember, Cap. Instead, support the ongoing, or pluck from the past. Bosses and authorities remain impatient, temperamental — but only to Nov.

Spend Sunday morning deep in bed, soak up rest. Mid-afternoon Sun. Good time for a gamble, too. Tackle chores Wed. Here, most goes very well, esp. But Wed. Relationships arise Fri. Remember, Aquarius, start nothing new before Nov. Until Nov. A significant journey might occur.

PISCES •--• May 27 - 2 June 2019 Weekly Tarot Reading

The general accent, this week and next, lies on ambition, status, and prestige relations. This afternoon through Tues. Launch nothing big, though. Wednesday to about dawn Fri. Wednesday, all is fine. Your career could turn on the money spigots — ask! This night into mid-morning Thursday confronts you with puzzles. One is, do you chase friends, a wish, or money?

Beware fuzzy thinking. Tackle chores Fri. Maybe the choice is: do you do the work yourself, or delegate it? For best results, roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Remember, Pisces, start nothing brand new before Nov. These are beautifully enhanced almost all November — to the 25th.

Bosses favour you, even trial judges, should you face one, will look gently on you. One caution: you ooze sexuality, and are attracted to the same, until Nov. Romance different — love wins.

Weekly Astrology Overview October — Horoscopes for Week of October

An easy, revealing week. But this afternoon brings calls, texts, errands, trips, friendly contacts, and paperwork, lasting through Tues. All goes well, so plunge in and get it done. Home and family call you Wed. Again, your luck is high, esp. Superb day to discuss marriage or other relationship issues with another.

After this, to about 9 am Thurs. Be patient, let it pass. Passion, creative juices, speculative urges, lovely children, beauty and pleasure visit you Fri. Also Sat. Love can soar!

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But you might have to choose, Sat. With 7 billion people streaming over the earth, it can become very difficult to be unique. With modern communications and the internet, at least some of these people are likely to find each other. This causes a winnowing down, or a concentration into streams, making it more likely that those of similar interests will be drawn together by AI and algorithms.

This causes social developments — and evolvement— to become very fluid, and it adds a wave-like structure to macro-social actions and occurrences. Some events may disappoint or sadden you, but others may give you hope for better times. Pisces Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, If you were born under the Pisces sign, you will need to take more responsibility this week in fulfilling your commitments.

More Horoscopes for Pisces

You will be required to complete a variety of tasks that will require greater concentration in completing them. This will be a favorable week for litigation or legal cases. Different events and situations will provoke you to make important decisions or make some changes. An event in a woman's life will be an occasion for reunion or another engagement will arise.

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This week you will have more meetings with people relatives or friends with whom you will have interesting or important conversations. You will enjoy spending more time with people around you rather than being alone.